Monday, March 21, 2016

Things SLPs Should ALWAYS Say: By the Frenzied SLPs

Two weeks ago the Frenzied SLPs brought you their top things an SLP should NEVER say. The posts ran from inspiring to comical, but certainly they all fit the bill for "what not to say." This week we are doing a 180 degree turn to things SLPs should ALWAYS say. I cannot wait to read the wisdom of my fellow hostesses, Laura of All Y'all Need and Sparklle SLP as well as our other Frenzied SLP friends.

For this post I'm going to muse on the polar opposite of my post highlighting my very tongue in cheek and rather snarky "Things SLPs Should Never Say."

10. Yes, Mrs. Smith, it is oppressively hot in my un-windowed speech closet. Fortunately, our school is located on a beautiful campus and I love the idea of taking therapy outdoors on days like today. So much wonderful language development can happen if we just come out of our closets!

9. You will be offered quite a lot of information today and it can be very overwhelming. I understand. Please, feel free to stop me if you have any questions. I am always available by phone, email or conference, if afterward you think of anything else you want to ask.

8. Every child has unique gifts, it's true.

7. It does seem that every year, we are tasked with more and more. Sometimes it feels insurmountable. Understanding that, I will always do my best to act as a model of kindness and stewardship in our world and help your child to be the best possible version of himself.

6. You look awesome! That color is great on you!

5. I understand how worried you are. Sometimes it does feel like the deck is stacked against you.  Our goal is to help your child capitalize on his strengths while supporting him in his weaknesses. He is unique in his profile and we need to collectively flesh out what exactly is impeding his ability to achieve.

4. I was concerned Johnny was not himself in speech today, so I sent him to our school nurse.

3. I chose this field not for the mega-bucks I will never earn, but for the rewards I receive every day when a child learns something new!

2. While it's true heredity can play a role in your child's development and you may have had similar difficulties when you were young. That information is very helpful and will help us to paint a more accurate picture. Know that I think of Johnny as an individual, the one and only, Johnny. I will consider all contributing factors and will then tailor my work with him based his needs.

1. Yes, summer is important. It is important for students to spend uninterrupted time with their families. It is time for them to read for pleasure. It is time for teenagers to earn money or for kids to go to camp. It is time for kids to engage in the activities they love, like sports or theater. For me? I need that time, too. The rigors of schedules and paperwork are all consuming and sometimes it's all I can do to keep my head above water. I return each September energized, eager to try new things, and excited to help your child grow.

I know I fall short now and again, of using just the right words. I try each and every day, though, to treat parents with compassion. Parents have a difficult job and being the parent of a child with speech-language needs is even more challenging.

I would love to hear your ideas of the "Things SLPs Should Always Say!"


  1. Now I'm crying at the gym. This post is so truly amazing. It is a wonderful reminder of the compassion SLPs bring to helping families! As I head into a meeting this morning exhausted and overwhelmed, I will remember this post. Thank you!

    1. You are welcome my friend! I started my day with a meeting as well and I pondered gratitude through the whole thing.

  2. It is a great idea to always try to keep our comments positive! Great post!

    1. Positivity can be a challenge. We feel better though when we reframe to the positive!

  3. I love this post! I think I need to carry some of these around on a laminated index card for those moments when I need something good to say.

  4. I absolutely love your posts and your heart!