Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Fib Revealed

We hope you had as much fun hopping through all our April first posts as we did writing them! Well, how did you do? It's now time for the big reveal.

I played the role of a munchkin in a 2009 production of The Wizard of Oz
This is a fact! Plymouth State University is located in the town in which we live. Each year PSU, through the Educational Theater Collaborative, stages a musical. This is a highly coordinated and involved show that showcases college students, community members, third through twelfth graders and some professional actors. This particular show was replete with flying monkeys and witches (really, a company from California was hired to fly our actors). Both of our children and I were cast as munchkins and after three intensive weeks of rehearsal made our way down the yellow brick road!

I poached the course at the 2013 Run Like a Diva Half Marathon in San Juan, PR.
Fib!!! I did go to San Juan to meet my friend (also an SLP) and run in the half marathon. When we went to the registration area I was told registration was full. My friend was diligent and had registered earlier online. I, on the other hand, was a slacker and thought I would register in PR. I debated about poaching the course, running without registering, but then decided running 13 miles early in the morning in the heat and rain wasn't really that appealing. Soooo, I stayed in bed. My friend ran and finished first in her age group. If my memory is correct she finished in 1 hour, 45 minutes. Very impressive!! 

In my defense two weeks earlier I had completed a half in NH. I did not finish first in my age group. I finished. Period.

I drove and did speech language therapy in NJ in a repurposed school bus.
This is a fact. In 1985 I worked for Essex County Educational Services Commission in NJ. ECESC provided supplemental instruction, compensatory education and speech therapy to the non public schools in Essex and Passaic Counties. Some of these schools were parochial and therefore, since we were a county commission, we couldn't work in the buildings. This was due to the "separation of church and state." Pretty silly, since that's not exactly what the separation of church and state was established to do. In any case, we worked in repurposed school buses, campers and trailers that parked 20 feet from the building and connected with a giant plug for power. It was an interesting two years. 

If you participated in the blog hop, I do hope you had fun trying to figure out what was myth and what was reality. I thought it was a blast and was surprised by what I learned about my fellow bloggers. What an interesting and diverse group!


  1. Wow. A bus. I bet that WAS an interesting 2 years!!!
    This was loads of fun, wasn't it?

    1. It was interesting, Mary! You should have seen me learning to drive that bad boy!