Monday, April 13, 2015

Interview With a Student Teacher: Part 3 of the Blog Chronicles

We are fortunate in our community to have a state university. As a result our K-8 school assumes an active role in new teacher preparation. (The university does NOT have a speech language pathology major, but that is a conversation for another day!) Between students completing observation requirements, practicums, and student teaching, young and enthusiastic future teachers are ever present. These young men and women typically keep things fresh and bring an energy into the building. One such student teacher was willing to share her thoughts here and I am most appreciative of her candor.

How do you see a true multidisciplinary team functioning?

I see a true multidisciplinary team collaborating successfully together (being able to pass ideas off one another, not letting frustrations or emotions build up). I feel as though all members of the team need to be able to openly communicate with one another and support each other through moments of tension or need.

What message do you have for the powers that be (administration, DOE, elected officials, etc. Your choice).

I think that we need to stop focusing so much on standardized testing. Although it is important, I strongly feel like preparing for the test and teaching to the test takes away from a teacher's ability to spark lights in students and their interest and engagement in school. Also, all of the standardized testing is frustrating as someone looking to get a teaching job. With so many people applying for a single teaching position, it is encouraged to stand out and have all of these creative ideas and experiences. How do those things help you when you are so intensely following programs that are aligned to standards and testing? I feel like our focus on testing has taken away from the uniqueness, imagination, and creativity that school should harvest in both its students and educators.

What do you see as the most pressing issue impacting our students today? Why?

I believe that the most pressing issue for a lot of our students today are if their basic needs are being met. In a lot of cases across the country, students are not getting enough to eat, having the opportunity to shower, or a safe and nurturing home. I think that these factors greatly impact a students ability to successfully function in a classroom.

What energizes you to come to work everyday? What keeps it "fresh" for you?

The major thing that keeps me motivated to continue my schooling in elementary education is seeing the positivity school brings to students' lives and how happy they feel when they understand something that they struggle with. Also, having such a positive group of mentor teachers makes ALL the difference. I am extremely comfortable with my education role-models and I cannot imagine my road to teacher certification being more successful than it has been.

Describe your dream work environment? How does your dream compare with your reality?How can you make it a reality?

I believe that my dream work environment is very similar to the environment that I am currently student teaching in. I hope to have the opportunity to work in a school that is similar to where I am today.

It makes me happy to read such positive and enthusiastic commentary form a prospective teacher particularly when the trend for young teachers to abandon the field is increasing (and disheartening).

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  1. Loved her youthful insight! Creativity and imagination...throw out the curriculum and test prep, add literature and real experiences! Genius!!