Friday, September 4, 2015

R.I.P. Pen and Paper

As the controversy over whether students should be taught cursive rages on, I thought I would celebrate what is quickly becoming a lost art, putting pen to paper. I have previously mused on the benefits to heart, mind and soul from writing (Writing Heals) and my predilection to collecting (The Ties That Bind). Among my hoards of "stuff" I possess varied writing journals that serve varied purposes! I have my vocabulary journal, my verse mapping journal, my childhood journals, my journal of positive thoughts, and on and on. It is remarkable to reread entries. It's my autobiography! I have wept when I read about my sadnesses. I have laughed at the comedy that has been my life. I have looked at my foibles with eyes crossed and wondered at what a doofus I have been. I imagine my future as an old lady and dream of contentment.

Today I decided to feature a guest blogger, writer. Grampa Joe, my dear friend's father, is determined to keep letter writing alive, so encourages his grandchildren to write him letters. He occasionally writes to our son. Mack is always excited to receive a handwritten letter, although it is not easy for him to read the cursive. I also am excited! What follows is a recent snail mail treat.

Dear Mister Mack,
The use of pen and paper is becoming a vestigial skill among your generation, as most have now evolved into thumb twitchers, screen strokers and keyboard tappers. For years G.A.S.F. (Grampa's Augmented Stimulus Program) has provided an incentive to grandsons and others to learn and retain this skill- not unlike the ability to send a cedar shaft with turkey wing feather fletching on target with a wooden bow as opposed to the carbon fiber, plastic fletched arrows released by a mechanical wrist gizmo from an engineered pulley bow. Your reward is enclosed.

It's good to hear that you and Deadeye Dad will wear your bobcat bones this season and look forward to learning how things work out. My cervid [NOTE: this word is now in my vocabulary journal!] population is sparse and mostly nocturnal but apple trees heavy with fruit this year and clear trails through the yet un-mowed pastures are welcome signs. I plan to place tree stands this week.

Thank Annie Doyle for her note as well. It prompted me to visit her blog with _______'s help on her computer. You are fortunate to have parents with useful skills to share with you. Be well.

It is so enjoyable to hold paper in my hands and slowly read and reread. What is the cost to our fast past texts and emails? As pen and paper goes the way of bag phones, Spencerian Script, and disco so does spelling and proofreading! Society has two seconds to fire off a text or an email with little time to thoughtfully proofread for typos OR content or to even write cleverly.
A birthday present for our daughter! They"abe" cool!

Really? Needs no caption!
Grampa Joe is clever! After a weekend away with his friends and their family, Mack returned home with an artifact. He had "won" it for figuring out the riddle pictured here. Do you know what this picture represents? The first person to comment with the answer to this riddle can choose any item in my TpT store. My store is not the best, I will admit, but free is free, right? Have fun and good luck!


  1. What a fun post! The picture has me stumped, though. :)

    1. Thanks Mary! You'll be surprised when I reveal the answer! It's really quite logical!

  2. Nice post! I'm stumped on the picture. You'll have me thinking for days to come!

    1. Oh good, Kayla! Nothing like a little mind candy!