Tuesday, July 7, 2015

College Bound

It is incredibly hard to believe that it is my "blog-o-versary!" Or should I say, "bloggy birthday?" Whatever it's called, it means the same thing; on July 7, 2014 I began my intrepid journey into the blogosphere! What a trip!! I have written several times about how blogging has expanded my social, my professional and my personal worlds. My plan is to continue writing as long as there are those who want to read my musings and as long as my creative juices keep flowing.

The Philadelphia skyline on our way to Villanova
This post is less speech pathology related and more parent related. We have a beautiful, smart, talented, loving daughter (am I biased?) who is entering her senior year of high school. Now, our daughter is very organized and has been keeping wonderful records of all her activities. We also have a handsome, smart, talented loving son who is a little less organized. As we have been visiting colleges and getting inundated with information, it occurred to me that our son would benefit from some sort of system to keep track of all his activities. Honestly, it all really begins in freshman year and it's too late to start trying to make heads or tails of everything by the end of junior year. Hence, my On the Road to College organizer. When I completed all the organizer pages our daughter asked where it was when she started high school!?

These organizers cover everything from community service logs, to sports, to awards and offer a quick and easy way of keeping track of all the information college admissions offices require.
Print as many pages as needed and use a 5 X 7 binder or have all the pages spiral bound. In honor of my one year blog-o-versary I am offering the On the Road College Organizers for free until September 1, 2015.
Grab this set of college search organizers here!

I can't wait to get this printed and bound. I think it is going to be most helpful for Mack. I hope if you have a child preparing for college or starting high school that you find this organizer useful. As one admissions director said, "View the college search as less of a process and more of an experience." Enjoy the experience!


  1. This is great! Thank you! I'm downloading this for my son who doesn't have one organized bone in his body!

    1. I can relate! Is there anything else you think should be included? I was thinking about a page with schools visited, pros and cons, etc.