Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Love Trash

I originally thought this would be a great post for Earth Day, but I'm a bit impulsive and I couldn't wait. I may have overshared this already: I am an SLP hoarder. I can't seem to discard my old cards and books, old blue dittos that still make great homework. I did discard the masters, deciding to step into the 21st century and making "xerox" copies of the blue gems. My little problem extends a wee bit beyond my ancient materials. I save, well I'll just say it, trash! My assistant, Chelsea cheers out loud when I reluctantly pitch a tissue box. I like to think of myself more as a steward of the Earth than an all out garbage hoarder! But old boxes and containers make such nifty storage! Here are a few of my recycled treasures and how I have repurposed them.

The bags from sheets or curtains are awesome for storing loose items. This one contains my "collection" of boggle cubes  and scrabble tiles. What's really nice about this is they have a little hook for hanging.
I have saved all manner of nut container, but these are my faves! They are great for any loose items.
Sometimes I am a brand name snob. I am a Tide junkie. My all time favorite was always Tide powder with bleach. That stuff can get the stains out of anything and I have been known to simmer newly acquired antique linens (another hoarding habit) in a pot on the stove using Tide powder with bleach. Unfortunately with water saving washers I had to let go of my lovely Tide powder. It was a sad, sad day in the life of Annie Doyle. My only consolation was the Tide Pod containers! Slap on a pretty label and voilĂ , instant storage!
Clear egg cartons are great fun. I use them all year long to keep track of little items. Recently, though I used a clear egg carton for my green eggs. 
I love antipasto! I can make a meal of mozzarella balls, olives, marinated mushrooms and good crusty Italian bread. I also love antipasto containers. I use this one for office supplies, but I also use them to contain embellishments for scrapbooking and card making!
I used to belong to a Stampin' Up club and every month we would place an order. Needless to say I have amassed quite a collection of rubber stamps. Storage became an issue, as you can imagine. I learned of a new way to store stamps whereby I removed the rubber stamp from the block and adhered it to a sticky backed piece of vinyl. Of course, I saved the blocks as...blocks. The stamp could then be used with an acrylic block and I could store my rubber stamps in binders. What I was left with was a multitude of plastic boxes. They became perfect storage for all my Boardmaker pics!
Tin cans make pretty and functional storage for all kinds of tall items. I use the cans to store pointers, pacing sticks, etc. This one stores HOT question strips. 

My most recent favorite is part of the packaging from 3D SLP. I ordered one of Amy's wonderful boxes and the cutest little gold box was included. I kept looking at this little box and thinking there must be something I can do with it. The "peekaboo" box was born. The possibilities are limitless with this cutie. Students can hide items and describe them for others and little toys targeting specific sounds can be stowed inside. It can be used for communication temptation by hiding desired items inside. 
Believe me, I have more converted trash than Carter has "little liver pills," but I think I'd better call it quits. I would love to hear from some kindred spirits out there. How have you helped the planet by repurposing containers in your speech rooms?


  1. I am so impressed with your creativity!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Sometimes it emerges. Usually when I am trying to organize!

  2. I am so impressed with your creativity!

  3. Love this post too! I do hoard containers, you caught me! I am most fond of coffee cans, creamer plastic bottles (and I don't drink coffee so I'm begging these items from others) and plastic pretzel tubs. I save mason jars for home! I bought extra plastic soap travel containers for all my cut up pictures of artic words for crafts too! I only save soup cans when I have a purpose, but I've got those around my room!

    1. I love the idea of using travel containers. I wonder what we could do with the travel toothbrush holders? There must be a use!!